Upcoming Regionals

Please note that regionals are smaller gatherings based on geographic proximity.
Information on our larger “roundtable” event intended for practitioners from all over North America can be found here.

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If you live in the Cascadia region

Please consider joining us in Portland, Oregon on July 20 for our regional meetup at Hinson Baptist from 9-5.


Refugee Highway Partnership North America is excited to host a regional roundtable in beautiful Portland, Oregon on Saturday July 20, 2019 for Christian faith-based ministry practitioners committed to serving refugees and the forcibly displaced. Invitees are expected to attend from all over the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia.

Our morning session will include plenary talks led by seasoned refugee ministry workers from the area. A catered lunch from a Middle Eastern refugee will be provided followed by afternoon worship led by the Serena family from D.R.C., then afternoon session topics chosen by you, the attendees.

This meeting is intended for representatives from churches, ministries, resettlement agencies, Christian refugees/asylum seekers and grassroots workers who already are involved in ministry to the forcibly displaced or who seriously plan to be so. We will follow-up with you if you request a ticket to ensure you fit these guidelines.

Childcare will be provided.

Keep up with the latest news via our Facebook event page.

08:30 - Registration and arrival
09:00 - Welcome/Prayer/Orientation
09:15 - Plenary Talk 1
10:00 - Plenary Talk 2
10:45 - Panel Discussion on Biblical Hospitality
11:15 - Plenary Talk 3
11:30 - Directions for lunch and preparations for afternoon
11:45 - Lunch and Networking
12:30 - Worship – Congolese worship team
13:00 - Introduction to the Open Space Technology Process
13:30 - Relevant Conversations - Session 1 – Various Topics
14:30 - Relevant Conversations - Session 2 - Various Topics
15:30 - Relevant Conversations - Session 3 - Various Topics
16:30 - Large Group Debrief + Prayer (with time to lament together as needed)

Plenary Talks (morning)
Therese Lugano sharing her story of resettlement and engagement as a non-profit leader in community health among Swahili speakers
Danielle Mayfield on fighting the savior complex
> Seth King sharing about his experience in refugee resettlement & volunteer engagement
> Panel discussion on biblical hospitality

Sponsorship Info
We are looking to raise $2000 for this one-day free catered event. This covers a refugee-created catered meal, snacks, coffee/tea/chai, speakers honorariums, worship team honorarium, A/V technician. An opportunity to give at the conference will be available via a donation box. Corporate & organizational sponsors will be acknowledged (if desired) via social media and our published material. To help donate, follow this link. Checks can be sent to Faith and Learning International, 209 E. Liberty, Wheaton IL 60187 with a separate note indicating “RHPNA Portland Roundtable”.

July 5, 2019 update: we have $2350 pledged

Open Space Technology (afternoon)

Previous regionals include the following:

  • March 2019 in Winnipeg, MB

  • Jan 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

  • July 2018 in Seattle, WA

  • Nov 2017 in Niagara Falls, ON

  • Nov 2015 in Hamilton, ON