in Toronto, Canada at The Peoples Church

Please note that ROUNDTABLES are LARGER gatherings intended for practitioners from all over North America.


It is with great excitement that we announce the 2019 Refugee Highway Partnership North America Roundtable in Toronto, Canada. This year's theme is "place" looking into thoughts from Exodus 33:21:

“Then the LORD said, "There is a place near me where you may stand on a rock.”

We hope that you will join us on October 23 – 25, 2019. The Roundtable will be held at The Peoples Church.

Why do we call it a Roundtable?

The Refugee Highway is the journey that displaced people make, forced to leave home and hoping to find a new home.  The Refugee Highway Partnership is a network of Christians, churches and organizations who have found common cause in the call of Jesus to “welcome the stranger” and extend hospitality to those in need.  The Roundtable is where we gather -- the table is Round because we’re in this together and need one another’s voices.  It’s a place of inspiration, learning, sharing, and equipping.  It is a space where diverse ministries, services, and individuals find one another in order to bring about action that would please the heart of Jesus, as He sees us welcoming the stranger in our midst and showing the mercy that He first offered us.

It is important to us that the roundtable is accessible for everyone who is interested and committed to full participation.

If financial considerations are a concern to you, please send us an email to rhpnaroundtable2019@gmail.com and put BURSARY in the subject line. Someone from our bursary committee will contact you to have a conversation about how we can make it possible for you to attend and participate.  

To volunteer at the event, please email us at rhpnavolunteers@gmail.com and someone will connect with you!

We are also offering a pre-roundtable Professional Development training on Trauma Counseling. This requires a separate registration.


Past roundtables have been held at:

  • 2018 Chicago, IL

  • 2017 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

  • 2016 Toronto, ON

  • 2015 Atlanta, Georgia

  • 2014 Phoenix, AZ

  • 2013 Vancouver, B.C.

  • 2012 Minneapolis, MN

  • 2011 San Francisco, CA

  • 2010 Toronto, ON

  • 2009 Chicago, IL