Table Talks

Dynamic presenters and innovative Table Talks are crucial to the success of the training at the Roundtable.  The Table Talk proposal process is our way of ensuring that we have both qualified facilitators and relevant topics exploring the myriad facets of ministry to forcibly displaced people.

The list of topics and presenters are included here in alphabetical order by speaker’s last name.

Click here to listen to examples of Table Talks from previous years.



Recovery Work – Helping People Recover from Forced Displacement
Tom Albinson – International Association for Refugees

Training Volunteers in Working with Refugees
Laura & Nick Armstrong – Glocal Community Partnership

Building Bridges Between Muslims and Christians
Nick & Laura Armstrong – Glocal Community Partnership

Developing Advocacy that Works
Jason Clarke – Seek the Peace

Founding a Social Venture or Non Profit that Serves Refugees
Keith Cooper & Aline Binyungu – Beautiful Day

Finding Harmony Instead of Coexistence
Emily Cortese & Majid Keshavarz – Raft Amad Community Initiative

Living Incarnationally with Refugees
Stephen Crossom – Forefront Ministries

Refugees, Let’s Speak English
Gary DeVelder – Abounding Service

Making a Difference in The Youth Community Through Sports
Danny Domingo – Love is Ministry

The Culture and Causes of Refugees from the Middle East
Rani Espanioly – Shalom Ministries

What Every Refugee Wished Their American Friends Knew
Michael Funderburk – For the Nations

Micro Enterprise Mentoring for Refugee Women
Stephani Giddens – Vickery Trading Co.

International Kids Kamp: A Contextual VBS
Cherie Gray & Bill O’Brien – Tucson Refugee Ministry

Refugee Ministry from A Canadian Perspective
James Grunau – Journey Home Community

Best Practices for Beginning a Refugee Ministry
Mark Heavener – Texas Baptists

Sustainable Volunteers: A Unifying Vision
Sue Horgan & Susan Odom – Exodus World Service

Healing from Trauma
Lori Kenfield – Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)

Hosting Short-Term Teams to Work with Refugees
Jason Lee & Trent DeLoach – Acts 17 Initiative & Evangelical Immigration Table

The RHP in North America: Your Role in the Movement
Kirt Lewis & Linda Moorcroft – World Relief/Christie Refugee Welcome Center

The Culture and Causes of Refugees from Burma
Thong Lun – Houston Burmese Baptist Church

Preparing Refugees for Naturalization as U.S. Citizens
Cynthia Martin – Safely Home Refugee Ministry

How to Win Friends and Influence People About Refugees
Tabitha McDuffee – Faith and Forced Migration

Model for Collaboration in a Secondary City
Becky Nelson – Chin Ministries

Understanding The Structural Barriers to Refugee Upward Mobility
Dr. Faith Nibbs – Forced Migration Upward Mobility Project (FMUMP)

Workshop Simulations – Identifying Barriers to Living Wages
Dr. Faith Nibbs – Forced Migration Upward Mobility Project (FMUMP)

Innovative Approaches for Faith Based Organizations to Facilitate Refugees in Upward Mobility
Dr. Faith Nibbs – Forced Migration Upward Mobility Project (FMUMP)

Workshop Simulations – Building Programs to Move Refugees to Living Wages from Innovative Approaches Learned
Dr. Faith Nibbs – Forced Migration Upward Mobility Project (FMUMP)

Understanding and Addressing Refugee and Immigrant Anxiety
Dr. Samira Isadi Page – Gateway of Grace

Understanding Asylum Seekers
Sarah Miller & Pete Seiferth – Northminster Presbyterian/International Assoc for Refugees

The Role of Storytelling in the Narrative around Refugees
Vickie Reddy – We Welcome Refugees

Meeting the Spiritual and Academic Needs of Refugees in Public Schools
Feyi Obamehinti & Hector Rivera – Take Back Ministries

Defeating Cycles of Predatory Poverty
Randiesia Riggs – Refugee Resource Center of Tucson, Arizona

Reproducible Models To Establish Muslim Ministry Practitioner Communities
N8 Scholz – Vision 5:9/Hub Community Network

The Culture and Causes of Refugees from Central Africa
Kambali Simisi – Afrika Community Church

Developing Sprititual and Emotional Support for Ministry Leaders and Volunteers
Mang Tiak – Greater Houston Burmese Christian Fellowship

Christian Witness in a Humanitarian Context
Rachel Uthmann – International Association for Refugees

Using the Slack Community for Ongoing Interaction with The RHP Family
Chong Bee Vang & N8 Scholz – Lifepoint Church