Roundtable 2017

North America Refugee Roundtable

2017 Refugee Roundtable

July 26-28

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Registration begins on April 1!

The focus of the Roundtable is to serve those devoted to welcoming the nations on our doorstep who come with two suitcases from their former life, but hearts hungering and hopeful for a brand new future. A shockingly small percentage will be invited into an American home in their first year. Due to color or creed, lack of language or education, most will experience prejudice, suspicion, avoidance, resentment – and, most of all, loneliness. These UN-sponsored refugees offer the Church in America the opportunity to live out the mandate Jesus gave us to welcome the stranger and love our neighbor as ourselves.

RHPNA Roundtable Locations
2009 Chicago, IL
2010 Toronto, ON
2011 San Francisco, CA
2012 Minneapolis, MN
2013 Vancouver, B.C.
2014 Phoenix, AZ
2015 Atlanta, Georgia
2016 Toronto, ON
2017 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX