Sahar – Iraq

sahar-story-imageMy name is Sahar. My husband and I arrived in America in late June. We had been living in Jordan for some time, after having fled from Iraq when my husband’s barber shop was blown up by those who didn’t like the western style haircuts he gave.

We have 2 year old twins who are full of spunk, but a little confused, I think, at all the recent changes. My husband’s greatest wish is to open his own barber shop in the states. It has been so disappointing to find out that his barber training isn’t recognized here and he will have to start all over, going to school and taking a test. I don’t know how he can get the 1500 hours he needs in barber school when he also has to find a job to support our family.

I wish I could help by working, but I must care for our children and I speak almost no English anyway. I’m not even sure how I will take English classes. I am so grateful for the volunteers from a church group who have been helping us! They met us at the airport when we arrived, showed us where to get free diapers, helped enroll us in English classes, and we especially love when they make visits in our home and all of our kids play together.