Khadija – Somalia

ajidakh-story-imageMy name is Khadija and I am a ten year old girl. My family is from Somalia but it was dangerous there so they ran away a long time ago. I was born in Kenya in a refugee camp several years later.

I have lots of brothers and sisters, most of whom were also born in the camp. We lived in a “tent city” there where there was no electricity or running water in our homes.

We arrived in America three years ago after going through a long process to be approved as refugees. Last year my dad was killed in a car wreck near Tucson. My mom works very hard to keep the family going.

We have an American Christian friend who comes to visit us and take us places to have fun. We really like going to his house and meeting his other American friends. I was always told not to go into a church because we are Muslim, but when we go visit those friends I imagine that maybe that’s what church is like and it makes me want to know more.