Jean – Central African Republic (CAR)

prison-1198488My name is Jean and I am from Central African Republic (CAR). I came to Canada hoping to find a safe place to live. My involvement in politics put me at great risk in my country. I was tortured and imprisoned for speaking out against the government. When I got out of prison I left in such a hurry that I was not able to bring all my identity documents with me. Now the conditions back home are even worse as my country is being torn apart by civil war. My wife and my two daughters fled the violence in CAR and are living as refugees in neighbouring Cameroon. I don’t know where my sons are – I just pray they are still alive somewhere.

I made a refugee claim in Canada and was given a hearing date 60 days later. Canada did not accept my refugee claim. At my hearing they said that I did not have enough documents or evidence to verify what happened to me. I was devastated. They said that I have to return to my country. How can I return to a country that is in midst of a brutal civil war? My house is gone. My family is gone. How can I return?

Fortunately with the support of my church community and with the assistance of wise legal counsel, my deportation has been temporarily postponed. However, my safe future in Canada is not guaranteed.