Refugee Stories

Sandra – Colombia

My name is Sandra. My husband and I and our 2-year-old son did not come to Canada by choice. I am a journalist and journalism is a risky occupation in Colombia. A paramilitary organization made serious threats against my life because of my reporting on stories of corruption, organized crime and human rights violations.

Jean – Central African Republic (CAR)

My name is Jean and I am from Central African Republic (CAR). I came to Canada hoping to find a safe place to live. My involvement in politics put me at great risk in my country. I was tortured and imprisoned for speaking out against the government.

Sahar – Iraq

My name is Sahar. My husband and I arrived in America in late June. We had been living in Jordan for some time, after having fled from Iraq when my husband’s barber shop was blown up by those who didn’t like the western style haircuts he gave.

Khadija - Somalia

My name is Ajidakh and I am a ten year old girl. My family is from Somalia but it was dangerous there so they ran away a long time ago. I was born in Kenya in a refugee camp several years later. I have lots of brothers and sisters, most of whom were also born in the camp.

Babushka - Republic of Georgia

Most people call me ‘babushka’ which means grandma where I came from. I grew up in the Republic of Georgia, but when I was young all of us Meskhetian Turks were chased out of the country. We traveled in train cars, and every day they would open the doors and throw out the dead bodies.

Fatima - Iraq

My name is Fatima and I am from Iraq. My husband worked as a translator for the American military in our homeland, putting his life at risk. He began to receive threats on his life if he didn’t stop working for the Americans, and one day after he was nearly killed we decided we needed to get out of the country.